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21st Century Human

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21st Century Human  - 

       Music: Gann Eden, Words: Keren I

21st Century Human

What if I'm not willing to do so;

you will come

and you will use my phenomenal power

in that certain way

that will empower you.

Something inside of you

will be enriched.

Like highs you have yet

to discover.

As if I am the missing link

to the core to your self-ness.

So you will drain

and squeeze

and take

everything that is going to fill you

with some of my aura.

Everything that is possible for me

to give you - you will receive.

At first, gracefully

but then as a true 21st century human

As a greedy person

and I'll spin 180°, the other way around

and will cut my losses

and keep going.

Just because I'm not willing to

let you do all this

to me.

Copyrights;Poets-of-Freedom@No-Boundaries, May, 2011.