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Portrait of a Young Poetess

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          Portrait of a

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      Music: Gann Eden, Words: Keren I.

Portrait of a Young Poetess

They put me on a trial;
Neglecting Conformity.
Equality, they claim, is

Well they did.

If death penalty was an option:
They would give me the lethal
shot, the chair,
the gas chamber.
They would have said:
"don't play the innocent,
you lady bitch!"

They would burn me,
stake me, hang me or sell me for slavery,
if only they had the chance.
They put me on a trial,
on a field trial; no jury, no expert in
laws, Humanity, love;
only prejudice.

Suffocated I carried myself away.

Damn these lowest,
judgmental pricks,
Damn these cowards,
the men I fell in love with.

In this body and lonely spirit
revolution is the alternative,
love can be as amazing
as I want it to be.

Is the art
of only
the bravest, the most passionate,
who has no fear in his eyes
to create it for me,
as I am,
as he drinks, feeds off, breathes off,
loves me
as I am,
the rest chase
ghostly images

And when I'll be set free
to love as freely.

I wonder when this trial ends.


And the people who deserve
at least a metaphor,
at least a mention in a blast.

To all these freedom breathers
and we breathe, loud and clear.
Our days' reality had placed
boundaries between us.
But there is no boundary too high,
higher than me,
higher than art.

If we breathe, we create.
and try to take that away from us.

Copyrights;Poets-of-Freedom@No-Boundaries, October, 2009