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My Skin Will Fall

                                          Further Apart:  21st Century Human  Riot and Music - 

                   My Skin Will Fall -

                  Music by Gann Eden, Lyrics by Keren I.

The Temptress

I dropped the hunting
The segregation of cruelty off humanity
The sole woman chase after a world change
I dropped the danger of lusting pleasure of lone crying conscious
I dropped the hunting
I dropped it for love.
A selfish woman
and a selfish man
The world can change by itself
I am done.


Time will tell;
when I'll get old
and my skin will fall
and my lungs wouldn't be able to preserve the smoke

Self Titled

depression may have gone away
but I don't feel like it
summer may have locked the air still
but I don't feel like it
and it hasn't rained and it's not going to for a very long time.

and the leaves plus the sunshine, plus the roughness on my face.
minus the volume; inside myself.
plus the emptiness behind my eyes, voiding me in blocking me out.
but I don't feel it.

Also Featuring: Infantiles, Forecast, Change and some random rumbling.

Copyrights;Poets-of-Freedom@No-Boundaries, Janurary, 2011.