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Middle Galaxy

                                         Further Apart:  21st Century Human  Riot and Music - 

    Middle Galaxy-

                   Music: Gann Eden, Words: Keren I.

Middle Galaxy

You need to understand that our blood is not paint
and we are not gonna stain your precious

Our blood is not the blood of all the cows you slaughter with a blink of the eye
all the cows minus the illusion of better lives you love to provide us with so damn much.

And No! I'm not pretty enough to just shut up!
and I see how my friends help you subconsciously to sustain your hatred,
your greediness, your masses psychology terror.
And you try to break, to break apart, to break within all the pieces that might make them think actively.
So who are these enemies you keep talking about?

So I rather eat with my hands,
wipe my mouth
and not confuse my godless body with all the blood you impose on my climate.
My blood is not gonna stream down the streets,
my bones are not gonna mix with the concrete you build walls with.

I'm not gonna pat your head and say: "there there"
The first Video Draft to Middle Galaxy:


I just nod to whatever people may say,
i'm interacting, speaking, listening to music with my headphones on, at the office, in the car on the way over here,
I'm just nodding till this day will end.

And also featuring Cotton Field

a spoiler to the first draft of the first music draft ;)

 Copyrights;Poets-of-Freedom@No-Boundaries, May 2010

keren I,
May 17, 2010, 5:05 PM