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hereby clarifies that all pieces of work that appear on this website are an original work and the copyrights belong to the artists (Individuals and Collaborators) who created the item, either visual piece, verbal one, aural and/or of any other form of art, contributed and joined a collaboration with other.

'No Boundaries' (as be also referred as 'we' or 'us') is aspired to create a free platform for artists from around the globe; to share, collaborate, contribute their talents (which ever might be) via the world wide web. 'We' don't see boundaries, no borders to divide art and the passion to create it.

The 'No Boundaries' Web Project and the concept represents the collaboration between artists and are belong to the site operator (worldslackers.org for Massabacha.com) therefore, any kind of use and/or abuse of the original work behind this operation would not be possible and won't be done and is prohibited without the consent of the individual artists who joined into the collaboration.

For any more clarifications, questions, legal issues, and other inquiries about the operation of this website, a.k.a No Boundaries, i somewhat forgot to mention, please Email us

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